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447/608 (KW/HP)

The engines in the Steiger and Quadtrac range are designed to deliver maximum horsepower, with the engine power management delivering up to 62 more horsepower if needed, for navigating undulating fields, steep roads and meeting the higher PTO and hydraulic power demands of today’s larger, more productive implements. Putting the power to the ground using the unique Quadtrac design track system will minimize soil damage from the impact of using heavy equipment and maximize crop yields.

Case IH engineers listened to input from you, the customer, when designing the next generation of Steiger® tractors.

Steiger tractors range in horsepower from 335 to 535 and are available in wheeled or QUADTRAC® configurations. These versatile models deliver on their promise of greater productivity, improved profitability, enhanced comfort and convenience and continue to provide long-lasting durability, premium reliability, as well as ease of operation and serviceability.

Lighting packages to fit the way you work
  • High-intensity discharge (HID) 360˚ package.
  • Optional HID lamps.
  • Up to 100 m spread for driving after dark, adjustable pattern to meet your preferences.
  • Up to 8 halogen work lights with HID lamps designed with a bulb life of 6000 hours for low replacement costs.
High capacity. higher productivity.

Pressure-Flow Compensating (PFC) hydraulics, (up to 356 lpm) handle your most hydraulically demanding implements. The standard system provides power for steering, remotes, power beyond and the three-point hitch. A standard 151 lpm (159 lpm on the Steiger 535) pump relies on the PFC System to deliver the correct flow and pressure where it’s needed when it’s needed.
Optional High-Flow hydraulics provides 208 lpm (216 lpm on the Steiger 535) high capacity pump for intensive hydraulic operations such as air seeders and beet lifters and comes standard on all Scraper versions and AccuSteer.
The Twin-Flow option gives you ultimate hydraulic flow capacity, for the most demanding equipment, by including a second PFC pump with an additional 132 lpm of flow (140 lpm on the Steiger 535).
The TwinFlow option combined with the high-capacity pump will produce a maximum flow of 340 lpm (356 lpm on the Steiger 535).

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Steiger delivers power to the ground season after season

The powertrain inside Steiger tractors generates everything you need to produce more and eliminates unnecessary technology. Since 2006, the largest Steiger tractors have been powered by the 12.9-liter FPT Powertrain Technologies Engine. Steiger engines have passed every test and challenge, and are built with future emission regulations in mind. This engine powers through the toughest field conditions and is now Tier 4A and Tier 4B compliant; with fuel-saving Case IH patented SCR technology for 10 percent lower operating costs than previous models.  This exclusive patented technology provides you with more uptime efficiency without any active regeneration required. 


Smooth, Durable Powershift & Heavy Duty Axles

Steiger pioneered the first full powershift transmission on a four-wheel-drive tractor starting with the Panther 1000 in 1982. Today’s Steiger 16-speed powershift features unprecedented shift quality thanks to “pulse width modulation,” a form of electronic control that allows smooth shifts and less fatigue at the end of long days in the field. Steiger’s Drivetrain components continue the tradition of durability by efficiently transferring power to the ground.

Cab environment

More visibility, More comfort

The industry’s largest cab puts you in the driver’s seat for greater productivity.

Effortless control. Less fatigue.

Ergonomic armrest controls and corner post information at-a-glance boost your productivity day after day.

Convenient, time-saving access

Steiger Quadtrac provides easy access for key maintenance tasks to save time on preventive maintenance and minimize operating costs.


More flotation, Less compaction

Quadtrac’s larger footprint allows an earlier start in the field and less soil compaction than competitive 2-track designs. Case IH engineers first introduced the QUADTRAC design in 1997, and it’s led the industry ever since. Like its predecessors, the QUADTRAC tractor continues the tradition of setting new industry benchmarks. What makes the QUADTRAC different from wheeled tractors and two-track designs? For starters, the four independent tracks make a larger footprint for greater flotation. That lets you get into the field earlier, and drive through wet spots you wouldn’t dare to cross with traditional tires or even two tracks.

AccuSteer precision. Hitch & PTO versatility

Equip your Steiger with options including AccuSteer, 3-point hitch and PTO to handle row-crop tools such as mounted toolbars and planters, heavy V-Rippers, and the biggest grain carts. Never before has a 4WD tractor been as precise in delicate row-crop manoeuvres as it is in broad-acre, heavy-tillage operations. The AccuSteer™ from Case IH launched the industry’s first precision-steerable 4WD. When equipped with the AccuSteer II system available on today’s Steiger 335, the 4WD tractor is right at home in situations requiring careful control, such as planting and cultivating. Designed specifically for row-crop operations where steering control is critical, the revolutionary system allows the front frame to pivot independently of the rear. Now you can make in-row corrections without articulating the entire tractor. A double articulation design — in which the front frame and axle pivot at the front of the cab — makes it all possible.

Built to work in the dirt

Steiger scraper configurations designed with added durability to handle demands of earthmoving applications.

A Case IH Steiger 4WD tractor is just as at-home on a land-levelling site or commercial scraper crew as it is in the farm fields. Differential locks, backup alarm, tow cable, and beacon lights are standard features on all scraper models. Special scraper versions of the Steiger 385, 435, 485, and 535 tractors include heavy scraper axles, heavy-duty drawbars, built-in frame weight and powerful engines with rugged transmissions. A special scraper quick-hitch drawbar with tow cable works well with most popular scraper brands. For safety on the farm and the construction job site, these tractors are ROPS and FOPS certified. All of this adds up to speedy hauling cycles to help you move more dirt in a day, boosting your business productivity — and profitability.



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