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250/340 (KW/HP)

First launched in 1987, the Magnum Series has evolved over 30 years to become the first choice of large scale farmers and contractors who demand the best. The new Magnum powers through every task fast and efficiently, reliably delivering impressive productivity day after day. No day at the wheel will feel too long with the Magnum’s luxuriously comfortable cab, intuitive controls ergonomically laid out, quiet operator environment and smooth ride.

The success story

Over 30 years of Magnum Tractor Leadership.

The success of Case IH is based upon a strong past. As a result of continuous growth and development, today we are the second-largest manufacturer of agricultural machinery in the world. Thanks to continuous development and expansion of our range, Case IH now offers the widest ever portfolio of products to our clients.

Supreme comfort 

You won’t feel tired after long working days on the Magnum, with the low noise levels, climate control and excellent visibility of your front and rear implements. The new split wide angle mirrors enable you to keep an eye on your trailer or grain cart in haulage applications. The 360-degree LED lighting package will enable you to carry on working after dark without slowing down. The 5-point suspension system (cab, seat, axle and front and rear linkage) will provide a remarkably smooth ride.

Intuitive operation puts you in control

You have a clear overview of all your Magnum’s functions: the Integrated Control Panel gives you all the key information at a glance and the AFS™ Pro 700 screen integrates the data from the tractor and implement. The new multi-function handle makes operation even easier; it has more pronounced tabs on the buttons so you can recognize them by touch, and they are backlit for night work. Your Magnum’s controls are all at your fingertips.

Powerful efficiency under the bonnet

The powerful 8.7 litres, 6-cylinder engine is designed to generate power and optimize fuel efficiency, delivering extra power, unbeatable rpm performance and no power losses. The flatter torque curve of the new Magnum delivers maximum torque at a greater range of engine speeds.

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Field leading power and performance.

At the wheel of a Magnum tractor, you enjoy the full benefit of the high efficiency, low emissions engine technology knowhow of our in-house engine specialist, FPT Industrial. They bring their experience developed on thousands of engines running around the know-how in on and off-road applications in the development and production of engines that meet the specific requirements of agricultural tractors. As a result, Magnum tractors develop more horsepower with less fuel, are more responsive and reliable.

Full powershift transmission.
Efficient power in your fields

The automatic shift of the Magnum’s Full Powershift transmission ensures you shift seamlessly from zero to 40 or 50 kph. When you have jobs to do at slow speed, you can choose the optional creeper transmission with 5 forward and 2 reverse speeds, and it does it with exceptional fuel efficiency, as the Diesel Saver™ Automatic Productivity Management (APM) system automatically adjusts gear setting and engine speed to the most fuel-efficient mode.

CVT transmission.
Full power to the ground

Step into the world of supreme efficiency with the Magnum’s CVT continuously variable transmission. Available on all models of the range and standard on the Magnum 380, 50 kph transmission with active hold. The Magnum CVT is designed to operate with extreme fuel efficiency in all applications and conditions and to ensure you never waste fuel. On the road, it reaches 50 kph at just 1,400 rpm, so you save fuel for every tonne you transport. In the field, in specialist applications at low speed, the integrated creeper, independent of engine speed, ensures an economical performance and the Automatic Product Management (APM) automatically adjusts engine speed to the power requirements.

PTO. Massive pto power at low engine RPM.

The higher engine power of the new Magnum comes with a PTO to match, as the heavy-duty 1,000 rpm PTO delivers its best performance on full engine power. Alternatively, you can opt for the 540/1,000 rpm with interchangeable shafts.

Cab and controls

Comfortable and quiet for long days.

If you were to describe the cab of your dreams, we do not doubt that the Magnum Surveyor cab would fit the bill to perfection. As you step into the cab, prepare to be delighted: the luxurious feel of the quality leather upholstery, the ergonomic suspended seat, the controls strategically placed within easy reach… everything in the Surveyor cab is designed to give you the best feeling of supreme comfort behind the wheel. Put yourself first: choose the Magnum.

A workstation tailored to the operator

Every element – steering wheel, seat and Multicontroller armrest – is easily adjustable so you can customize your workstation perfectly to give you the best and healthiest driving position.

The ideal working environment

The exceptionally low noise levels of just 67 dB(A) and automatic air conditioning create your ideal environment and internal climate. The carpeted floor in the optional Luxury cab adds to the feeling of comfort and further reduces noise levels. Days at the wheel of your Magnum will fly by as you get more work done than ever.

Work longer and stay fresher.
24/7 efficiency in any conditions.
For when you need to work at night

The cab’s panoramic view provides excellent visibility with all round, while the bonnet has been designed to guarantee a perfect view of all your implements. For those days when you need to carry on working after dark, you can turn on the bright LED lighting package that will illuminate perfectly 360 degrees around the tractor, giving you perfect visibility of your implements – even the outermost row units of your largest planter. With 34,400-lumen lighting power, you will be working in clear light conditions – anything you need to do to get the job done efficiently.

Supreme comfort

The semi-active heated and ventilated leather seat with adjustable cushion gives you the luxurious ride you would only expect from a premium saloon car. The automatic seat suspension reacts to the individual driver’s weight to provide an optimally smooth ride on a rough drive. The passenger will also ride in comfort on a seat, also available in red leather, featuring a backrest and homologated safety belt.

Stay Connected

You can stay connected throughout the day with the new radio with Bluetooth and plug-in mobile connection.



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