Case IH ATX400

Case IH ATX400

Case IH ATX400

Case IH has a reputation for providing accurate and reliable air seeding tools that make producers more profitable.We continue tom deliver on this commitment with a new generation of air hoe drills that offer more configurations and options for a wider range of seeding styles and field conditions. Case IH disk style seeding equipment provides industry leading low disturbance solutions that can penetrate high residue conditions. Teamed with these drills, our advanced air carts support your critical seeding and fertilizing operations with the state-of-the-art features you demand. The ATX400 air hoe drill uses a flexible frame to deliver accurate seed placement placement over the entire width of the machine followed by on-row packing to ensure the best opportunity for fast, even germination.

Specifications ATX 400 ATX400 ATX400 ATX400
Working widths 8,5 m 10 m 14 m 17 m
Shank width 12cm, 30 cm 12 см, 30 cm 12 см, 30 cm 12 cm, 30 cm
Number of shanks





Row spacing

25 cm

Weight /net/

12,000 kg

13,000 kg

16,900 kg

17,700 kg

grain-tank capacity/with compartment/

6,000 (4,000/2,000 kg)