Сэлбэгийн худалдаа

Бид оригинал сэлбэгийг баталгаат хугацаатайгаар шууд үйлдвэрээс нь нийлүүлдэг. Та манайхаас техник авсан л бол ашиглалтаас гарах хүртэл нь сэлбэг хэрэгсэлээр хангах болно. Мөн бид өөрсдийн нийлүүлсэн болон санал болгодог үйлдвэрийн техникүүдээс гадна таны ашиглаж буй техникийн сэлбэг хэрэгсэлүүдийг захиалгын дагуу нийлүүлэх боломжтой.

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Proactive and preventative maintenance begins with our Systemguard oil analysis. We provide a number of options for oil changes based on your specific requirements and productivity expectations.


Are you hard at it in the middle of your field when something goes wrong? Not a problem, at Ensada Tractron we offer mobile services and will come on site to keep your equipment moving. We have fully-equipped Field Service Trucks and expert Field Technicians are available to you 24/7, ensuring that your downtime is kept to a minimum. So please contact Ensada’s Emergency Field Service at anytime if you have emergency break down of your equipment. However, we strongly recommend that to use our regular Inspection Programs and Preventative Maintenance services before any breakdowns happens in the field. Emergency break down always costs you more and eats up limited your time.

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Regular service and maintenance will keep your tractor and equipment performing at its best for years to come. Let our service professionals give it the treatment it deserves. Have a planter, tractor, sprayer, or combine that you need inspected before its rigorous use? We offer several different inspections to let you know what your equipment needs to be hassle free when you don’t have time for down time.


This is off-season or pre-season inspection while you and we have more time. You can avoid expensive downtime in your peak seasons by taking advantage of our equipment inspection and maintenance programs. At the same time you could order and replace any necessary parts and increase your productivity while you save money.

  • Seeder Inspection / Calibration / Service / Repair
  • Seeder Monitor Inspection
  • Tractor Inspection / Service / Repair
  • Tractor Power Shift Transmission Calibration
  • Combine Inspection / Service / Repair
  • Sprayer Inspection / Service
  • SP Windrower Inspection / Service / Repair
  • Combine Inspection / Service / Repair
  • Engine and Drive Train Maintenance / Overhaul
  • Hydraulic Systems Maintenance / Overhaul
  • Electrical Repair Services
  • GPS Inspection / Calibration

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